Communication problem discovered in deadly South Bend Police pursuit

ABC 57 News is investigating that deadly police pursuit that happened early Tuesday morning in South Bend.

Brothers, 16-year-old Samuel Philips and 15-year-old Jermaine Fleming died.

Police say Philips was the person behind that stolen Toyota RAV4.

We have brand new details about what happened in those early morning hours.

We’ve learned the weather played a huge role in this.

According to South Bend Police, a lightning strike crashed communications early Tuesday morning.

You’ll remember, there were thunderstorms and heavy rains hitting Michiana.

The department says, a bolt fried the primary communication circuit that connects officers to St. Joseph County dispatch.

Our exclusive investigation shows that impacted Patrolman Nathan Gates

When he tried to get in contact with dispatch he couldn’t connect, at least at first.

If you listen to part of the failed radio communication in the video above, you can hear tones that indicate his broadcast to dispatch isn’t going through.

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