Community applauds Bremen PD after drug busts

NOW: Community applauds Bremen PD after drug busts

BREMEN, Ind. --- The community is sending Bremen Police Department a huge thank you after seeing it’s post regarding recent drug busts.

The department took to Facebook to show the drugs, guns, and other paraphernalia they seized from what were a couple of traffic stops. See the Facebook post below: 

“It’s very scary,” said Amy Miller, Bremen resident. “It was good police work, absolutely, they’re keeping track of what’s going on.”

The department has not released any information regarding the post. However, they did share that these busts are a part of a drug interdiction effort led by the department.

“They’re busting somebody weekly,” said Trend Weldy, Bremen director of operations.

Weldy said the police force, especially the officers a part of this drug interdiction effort are the best.

“It’s nice to see this big of a drug bust somebody here in town that’s going to distribute tit locally for sure,” Weldy said.

But Weldy and Miller are very concerned with this last bust, mainly with these edibles. Weldy said the drugs in one of the photos looks like M&Ms.

“It’s heartbreaking that my kids have to worried about that, and that I as a mom have to worry that my kids have to be on guard when they go to school about things like that,” said Miller.

Weldy ssaid that drug busts aren’t out of the norm in Bremen. He said the busts get the drugs off the street, put the offenders in jail, and use any seized items, not including the drugs, to pay for new equipment for the department.

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