Community coming together to support IUSB baseball player

NOW: Community coming together to support IUSB baseball player


SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Donations are pouring in for one of the IUSB baseball players who was shot at a house party early Sunday morning.

Marty Ewing is being treated at a Chicago hospital for spinal cord injuries after being shot by an unknown suspect.

His teammate Cooper Hake suffered a bullet graze wound on his back and refused medical treatment.

IUSB spokesperson Ken Baierl says faculty, staff, and students are taking it day-by-day, but ther main focus is to support Ewing and the people who need it most.

“We’ve kind of moved from trying to get a grasp of the violence of it all,” said Baierl, to really just support Marty, the team, his family, and friends.”

Ewing’s teammates have a #TitanStrong hashtag in support of him and a Go Fund Me page raised over $20,000 for medical expenses.

“It’s really great that’s happening and I know Marty and his family will appreciate that,” said Baierl.  Whatever people can do to give the support to the team and the family is much appreciated.”

Baierl said the school’s baseball team has continued to play with high spirits and resilience. He said the support they’re showing one another is immense.

“They’ve been playing these last two days and we wanted that to happen,” Baierl said. We wanted them to play and we wanted them to be together to have somewhat of a normal routine.”

The team is set to push through another game Thursday in Fort Wayne. And Baierl told ABC57 the school is working with the South Bend Police Department since the investigation is ongoing.

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