Community Crossings grants improving counties' infrastructure

NOW: Community Crossings grants improving counties’ infrastructure

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Your drive to work could be getting a little smoother soon, thanks to the Community Crossings grants Governor Holcomb handed out Thursday to improve each county’s infrastructure.

“We’re obviously known as the crossroads of America. It’s not just a motto. It has to be our mission,” said Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb.

To carry out that mission, Indiana’s General Assembly is doling out Community Crossings grants to improve infrastructure across the state—for the second year in a row.

“All 92 counties will see an increase of about 40% into their local budget. That’s a state contribution into their local infrastructure budget. That’s a big deal in and of itself,” said Governor Holcomb.

This year, that adds up to $150 million dollars, awarded to 396 communities.

$670,000 went to South Bend and $650,000 to Mishawaka.

“It’s a big shot in the arm,” said South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“This essentially allows us to double, more than double our summer street paving program, so roads that have been needing of attention for an awful long time that have not been addressed….This is going to allow us to get in and pave many streets,” said Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood.

“Everything else doesn’t work if you don’t have roads to get you around, and you know one of the first responsibilities of the city is to provide good road infrastructure. We can only do it if we have the funding,” said Mayor Pete.

The governor says it’s money well spent.

“We’re trying to draw not just attention to the state of Indiana. We’re trying to take our whole efforts international. … We’re trying to connect with markets, and we want people when they’re looking for the best place to make a go of it for the obvious decision to be right here in Indiana, but you have to have the infrastructure in place,” said Governor Holcomb.

We got to make hay while the sun’s shining,  and we’re doing just that,” he said.

These Community Crossings grants are match grants, so the towns, cities, and counties that received them will have to contribute an investment on a scale that corresponds with their size.

Click here to see a complete breakdown of the 2017 awards.

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