Community gathers to remember coach and teacher Gregg Smith

NOW: Community gathers to remember coach and teacher Gregg Smith

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.- Mishawaka community members gathered at Steele Stadium Friday night to pay tribute to late teacher and football coach Gregg Smith. Smith who passed away in a tragic accident on Monday was honored at one of his favorite places - the football field. 

"Shocked you know Gregg is a busy body. He’s always working on something he had side businesses that he did - mowed yards. Did all sorts of things. He liked to stay busy and I think initially when I had heard I didn’t realize it was so serious," said Chad Brugh, Associate Principal at Mishawaka High School. 

Known for his contributions both on and off the field. The 46-year-old teacher and coach loved getting to mentor his students.

“Just no job was too big for him. If you were a straight A student he would mentor you. If you were failing 5 classes he would sit with you and help you do your homework," said Keith Kinder, Mishawaka Head Football Coach.

Those who knew him described him as passionate and loyal - a friend they could always count on.

"Gregg was kind of the life of the party. He was the one I think when I think of our group of friends I mean he was the one that you know grabbed the kids and would start throwing a football around with them," said Brugh. 

Smith, an alum of Mishawaka High School, came back to his alma mater hoping to make a difference in his classroom every day.

“He impacted so many lives by just being willing to take the time to show people that he cared about them and there’s not another person in our community like him and I don’t know if there ever will be," said Kinder. 

He was a member of the community who loved his small town in Mishawaka - now someone who will be dearly missed.

“I’m gonna miss how funny he was. How he could take a serious room and make it light really quickly and I’m just gonna miss being able to call him if I need something," said Kinder. 

A GoFundme page has been started to help the family cover memorial costs. You can donate here. 

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