Community investment brings hope to South Bend park

NOW: Community investment brings hope to South Bend park


South Bend, Ind.—

One South Bend community is reclaiming their neighborhood.

Folks living near Fremont Park are making major strides in its fight to keep crime out of their backyard.

And they’re doing so with a little help from the city.

 “I like this area and I think it needs to be restored back,” said neighbor Rachelle Moore.

The road to restoring Fremont Park  has become a clear path.

But it was once filled with many detours.

The area was once shaken by violence and vandalism.

Three years ago, a deadly shooting in the park devastated the community.

Three years later, the community is moving forward.

“That’s what the community said, ‘what can we do better to make our community better, because this isn’t us, it might have happened by us but it’s not us,” said Moore.

The community partnered with the city, in the hopes a facelift for the park could uplift spirits again.

The park is now on its way to becoming a major attraction for the neighborhood.

“In a matter of about a week’s time this should be open, and we’re going to see people enjoying the splash pad at Fremont Park,” said Aaron Perri, director of South Bend Parks, Venues and Arts.

A larger than life splash pad is set to soak the park soon.

It’s one of many upgrades thanks to nearly $200,000 in investment from the city.

“It’s what makes a community a community, everybody has their own property, their own apartments, whatever the case may be, the parks is something that belongs to all of us,” said Perri.

Neighbors say the park is their home.

“It’s everything to us, this is home so we have to take it back,” said Kim Clowers, Fremont Youth Foundation co-founder.

And with the city’s help, they vow never to let violence drive them away from their home again.

“This isn’t just something to do for the moment, these are memories that they’re making so we have to make it as epic as possible because this is something that they’ll never forget,” said Clowers.

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