Community leaders organize flash mob at University Park Mall

NOW: Community leaders organize flash mob at University Park Mall


MISHAWAKA, Ind.--  A flash mob, but with a message.

Close to two dozen people gathered at University Park Mall in Mishawaka  Saturday afternoon.

For several minutes, the group sang aloud, garnering the attention of those walking past and over 12,000 views on social media.

“I could feel the love of the people that stopped and they could see the flash mob was not just one race, but it was everyone that came together. People just stopped and I could really feel the love at that time of something just happening just happening out of the ordinary that they weren’t expecting at it was good," said one of the mob's organizers, Kiena Hackworth.

The seemingly random mid-day performance, however, did have one intention.

The flash mob gathered at the University Park mall at 3 o'clock in the afternoon which is the same time 23-year-old Delaney Crosby was shot and killed on September 12th.

Organizers say they want the community to replace thoughts of fear into hope and unity.

“To make sure we leave the right imprint. To make sure that what’s ingrained in peoples memory is that our community loves each other, were standing in unity. Most of all, we are all going through challenging times so we need to have our faith in Jesus Christ. We just wanted to send a short but powerful message," said flash mob organizer and local pastor, Olevia Hopson-Brooks.

The group says this is just the first of many flash mobs they will be getting together across Michiana.

As for the investigation, 21-year-old Dazhon Howard is currently in the St. Joseph County Jail facing a murder charge.


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