Community podcast studio launches in Elkhart

A community in Elkhart is creating an outlet for anyone in the community to share their stories. LaCasa Inc. created a podcast studio through grant money and donations that is located at the Roosevelt Center in Elkhart.

The space is free for the community and shows will be posted online. Anyone can use this space to share their stories both good and bad.

“What can be done to capture the history of our neighborhood and also talk about its future?” asked Jason Moreno, who is spearheading LaCasa Podcast Studio.

Moreno along with others asked this question while trying to find a way to improve the South Central Neighborhood of Elkhart.

“We decided it was a good idea to make our own voice, make our own news and talk about all the good things that happen that don’t necessarily get covered,” says Moreno.

Microphones and recording equipment acquired through a $2,000 grant and other donations will make community members like Michael Bostic storytellers.

“Laughter is healing and this community needs healing,” says Bostic. 

Bostic is a comedian and hopes to address even the toughest of issues through comedy. There are problems in the area that disturb Bostic and he says something needs to give.

“Young kids are dying. So many of our young kids are dying,” says Bostic. 

Growing up in Elkhart he wants to give back and the podcast studio gives him that opportunity.

“We are really trying to help. We want to discuss your problems. We want to discuss problems that are going on in a comical way that we can get across to you,” says Bostic. 

All ages are invited to start up a show. The space is free and studio time can be reserved by contacting Jason Moreno at the Roosevelt Center.  

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