Community reacts to Buttigieg DNC announcement

Following Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s announcement he’ll be running for DNC chair, ABC 57 is seeing how residents are reacting.

At Bill’s Place Friday, opinions were generally positive.

“If he can make changes like he’s doing right now then he’d be good for it. It’s good for the people to make certain changes, to make things flow easier, so it might be a good thing for him,” customer Johnny Carter said.

Manager of Bill’s Place, Saulo Perez shares similar sentiments.

“I think he’s a young man. He’s made a few changes here in south bend and I think he’s a smart man,” Perez said.

At the Linden Grill on the west side, there were a new set of opinions.

“Mayor Pete has done a great job with what he’s done and the things and the projects that he’s worked on throughout the city. But I would just like that some of the funding and the resources be allocated on some of the impoverished sides of town,” customer Jacob Hughes said.

Steve White agrees, and hopes Buttigieg can encourage the entire DNC to be more inclusive.

“Democrats also seem to get our votes and not allocate resources to build the black communities, and that is a serious issue we have to resolve,” White said.

Customers and roasters at Zen Café also had their own views.

I think he’s done wonderful things for South Bend, lots of new ideas and lots of positive energy, lots of growth in the city, lots of enthusiasm,” customer Diane Westerink said.

Bret Colman, a roaster at Zen, says he’s a big fan, and thinks Buttigieg can win DNC chair.

“I think if there’s somebody that can do it, it’s him. Because he’s done it here and he could do it at a larger level too,” Colman said.

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