Community reacts to Kosciusko County Fair racing lawsuit

NOW: Community reacts to Kosciusko County Fair racing lawsuit

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. - There are just a few days until fair week in Kosciusko County. A lawsuit filed by four community members put an end to motorized racing, and it is shaking up the event schedule at the fair.

Racer Joseph Irons grew up going to the fair with his family, now he races at the track he used to watch at the Kosciusko County Community fair.  “We feel like it’s being taken away from us unfairly,” he said. Irons says that it is one of the best tracks in the area.

Fair board members have worked diligently to find last minute events. Treasurer Sheal Dirck says that racing brings in 29 thousand dollars during the fair and outside of the week generates about 70 thousand dollars. “This is our primary fundraiser for the year,” says Dirck.

Irons feels that without racing at the fair, attendance and revenue will steadily decline. “Racing brings in money. Definitely lots and lots of money. It’s an expensive hobby. And they’re not going to be able to have much of a fair in my opinion,” Irons said.

One thing that will be missing from the fair is the 2nd Annual Roy Bradbury Classic. Josie Ryan has worked at American Legion Post 49 For 10 Years “Roy Bradberry was on the fair board and helped with the fair for many many years.” She says the community has expressed their disappointment given Roy’s veteran and community status. This year’s fair will mark one year since his death. “He was at every race, him and his wife Jean sat right up front. It was one of the things they really enjoyed,” Ryan explained.

But the fair is more than racing. 4h projects will be on display, many food vendors will line the midway, and other events will fill the stands.

“The more people who attend, the more better we’ll be off,” said Dirck.

Grandstand Events

July 9th -- Broken Horn Rodeo

July 10th -- Monster Truck Mash             

July 11th -- Roy Bradbury Memorial Pit Party

July 13th -- 6th Annual Shaggy Memorial Demolition Derby

July 14th – Truck and Tractor Pulls

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