Community remembers Denise Stewart

A devastated community reacts to the loss of one of their own after the tragic murder/suicide happened Tuesday morning in St. Joseph Michigan.

Folks from all over are remembering the life and legacy of victim Denise Stewart.

“She was a member of our community; she was a member of our family in Southwest Michigan,” said state senator John Proos.

She was more than just a popular news personality.

“We’re still coping, still processing a lot of tears, a lot of hugs,” said Gayle Olson, Board Broadcasting Chairman of Midwest Family Broadcasting.

She was also more than just friendly face that lived next door.

“We’re going to miss her, at our neighborhood parties, she was always instrumental,” said neighbor Marilyn Strefling.

Friends say Stewart was well-respected for her efforts in health awareness.

“My husband having gone through cancer treatment so, we had spoken about that from time to time as well,” said Strefling.

And many at her home church fondly remembered her as a champion, especially after winning her own fight with cancer.

“She had the community at heart, and she showed that through the work that she did in raising awareness and understanding and raising the amount of money that she did,” said senator Proos.

And while tragedy shadows this neighborhood this evening, many see the light in the lasting legacy she’s left on this community.

“I know this whole subdivision will miss her greatly,” said Strefling.

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