Concord High School disruption could be gang related

NOW: Concord High School disruption could be gang related

ELKHART, Ind. – Administrators say vulgar language disrupted the learning environment at Concord High School before the morning bell on Tuesday morning.

The school explains threatening and intimidating words toward a high school administrator caused Concord Community School Police officers to step in, resulting in the possible expulsion for a few students.

“I think the school is in the right with this one,” said a parent Kelsey Lynch. “I think they’ve handled it well,” she said.

Lynch is a parent of a student at Concord High school. She says her daughter was updating her through text message as the school was placed on a soft lock down.

“I heard over text, and again it was very scary because it’s all texts,” she said.

The police department believes the disruption was related to gang activity.

Some students say the group of kids involved were wearing red to support a friend who’s recovering after recently being shot.

The school says the clothing had nothing to do with those expulsions.

In a press release, Superintendent John Trout shut down those claims saying in part: “Simply put, this is not an issue about the color of clothing students were wearing… The students used extremely inappropriate language and were insubordinate and threatening when asked to comply with basic directions given by a high school administrator and CCSPD officers.”

The Superintendent and school’s police department declined an interview with ABC57.

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