Concord's road to history in first semi-state game since 1995

NOW: Concord’s road to history in first semi-state game since 1995

ELKHART, Ind. -- Concord Minutemen are facing Homestead on the quest for their first semi-state game.

The opportunity to make history is at the fingertips of Concord baseball.

"It's a blessing to become a sectional and regional champion and if we win against in the semi-state on Saturday, to make that trip to victory field, it'd be really sweet," senior pitcher Braeden Messenger said. 

It's been nearly 30 years in the making, and the journey hasn't been easy, having to knock off the back-to-back defending champs Penn Kingsmen.

"We'd like to practice another week. You make it this far; you hate to see your season end now. So, we don't feel like the job's done until we make it the victory field," head coach Greg Hughes added.

But first they have to take the field against Homestead.

"The thing about like Concord versus a big school at Homestead. You know, obviously people are quick to think that, you know, homestead has this," senior outfielder Andrew Kavanagh said

"But we have a similar record (20-10), You know, I know that they have a couple of good pitchers and stuff. But I believe in our guys. I think we can get it done," Kavanagh mentioned.

That belief and confidence stands out on a team that knew they would be better than their previous six-win season.

It starts with their three seniors.
"We knew we'd be better. I don't think anyone will be telling the truth if they told you that we knew we were gonna be in this moment. So, to be here, I mean, I'm just taking all in," senior pitcher Braylon Yoder said.

"It was a disappointing season last year, but I mean, we've had great chemistry this year and we've turned it around and we've got ourselves a sectional championship and a regional championship and then hopefully a semi state for the Saturday," Messenger added. 

Concord vs Homestead Saturday 2 p.m. at Leob Stadium in Lafayette, IN.

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