Consistent cold could cause your pipes to freeze

NOW: Consistent cold could cause your pipes to freeze

Cold temperatures are nothing new in Michiana, especially during the winter months. And Winter 2020-21 hasn't been especially harsh, with temperatures remaining above zero so far in South Bend.

However, "cold that just won't quit" can cause a number of problems, like frozen or burst pipes.

Temperatures have now been below freezing for five straight days.

Highs just barely made it above 20 degrees Tuesday afternoon in South Bend. That 20 degree threshold is an important one: the odds of pipes freezing goes up as temperatures fall into the teens and single digits.

The subfreezing temperatures will likely stick around through the rest of this week and even into most of next week, too.

So, what can you do to lessen the likelihood of problems with the pipes in your house?

Experts suggest you keep one or two of your faucets running slowly overnight during very cold stretches to keep the lines from freezing. If possible, direct warm air into the cold portions of your home with pipes in them. Additionally, keep your cabinets open at night, especially in your kitchen if your sink is on an outside wall (which it often is in most homes).

We could see our first subzero temperature in South Bend in more than two years as we start next week.

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