Construction headaches at Grape and Douglas

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- The intersection of Grape road and Douglas road in Mishawaka is undergoing some chaotic traffic restrictions for the next few weeks and drivers are far from pleased.

Commuters described the current traffic patterns as "harrowing," "a headache" and "a nightmare." 

Drivers are restricted to driving straight through the intersection on both Douglas and Grape. Construction crews have limited turns at the intersection so as to keep both roads down to one lane.

But, some drivers are ignoring the signs or not paying attention and attempting to turn left or right onto the one lane roads-- creating heavy delays and congestion.

NIPSCO is working on relocating several gas lines to make future repair and maintanence work easier.

In a press release from NIPSCO, the company said it expects to have the intersection under construction for about 3 weeks- weather permitting.


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