Construction project concerns neighbors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A construction project on the south side of South Bend is already causing some headaches and the project hasn't even started.

On Monday, the Indiana Department of Transportation will begin work on Kern Rd., between U.S. 31 and Locust Road.

There are two main issues. The road will be closed until November and the 200 or so families who live between the closure are confused as to how they will get around the construction.

ABC 57 tracked down Matt Deitchley the INDOT Laporte District Spokesperson, he said, "Kern Road is going to be closing on Monday and that's so that they can build an overpass over Kern Road for the new US 31."

Diane Shoemaker is welcoming the new US 31, but not necessarily the new traffic the construction project could bring to the Whispering Hills subdivision where she lives.

"This is a family neighborhood and we are outside and people don't pay attention when they are driving as it is, now I just can't imagine what it is going to be like," said Shoemaker.

The traffic would likely be coming from folks who live in Lafayette Falls subdivision, which is located about a block down the street. A subdivision made up of close to 200 homes. One of those homes is owned by Jane Philips.

"And I would hope if we go through a subdivision people would be courteous enough to abide by the rules, and not speed and not make it a nightmare for the people that live there."

However, Shoemaker says folks in her subdivision don't want to take chances. "The association is looking into the possibilities of getting some restrictions with coming and going from the neighborhood so we kind of limit the traffic that does go through," said Shoemaker.

Philips said, "We understand that Kern has to be closed off for the development, but we also need to have an alternate route to get to where we need to go." 

Deitchley said, INDOT never recommends cutting through another subdivision to avoid a detour route. He said residents that do live in-between US 31 and Locust Road on Kern Road will be allowed to come and go on the Locust Road end of the project while construction is ongoing.






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