Construction underway at busy Mishawaka intersection

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- On Wednesday, construction started at a busy Mishawaka intersection.

Crews are tearing up pavement at Grape and Edison and putting down new concrete.

Now there is someone directing traffic and a four-way stop sign.

But you can expect long delays at times.

Drivers and businesses we talked to didn't mind though, saying the work was needed.

"It's gonna be congested for quite a while, they need to get done with this as quick as possible, I think. The guys are doing a great job.  We've got a flagger on the corner actually doing a better job than the street light does," said Michael Lane, the General Manager of Barnaby's Family Inn.

The city hopes to have the repaving done by Friday afternoon, just in time for commencement weekend at Notre Dame and Saint Mary's.

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