Construction workers share how they're beating the heat

NOW: Construction workers share how they’re beating the heat

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Construction workers are some of the most at-risk employees when it comes to heat-relates health issues, especially with temperatures soaring into the 90s throughout this week in Michiana.

While workers say there are a few tips and tricks to staying as cool as possible, they say sometimes you just have to deal with the heat.

Crews recommend constant hydration both during the work-day and the night before, a good amount of sleep and cutting back on caffeine, which can be a factor in dehydration.

They also say to take a break if your body is telling you to take one, even if the project you’re working on is important.

Local construction crews have begun starting their shifts hours before their normal time so that their busiest working hours aren’t during the peak heat of the day.

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