Consumer alert: Be careful of recalled toys while online shopping

A new report from the United States Public Interest Research Group is warning parents of recalled toys still being sold online.

They say there are some toys, furniture and games you should be aware of that have been recalled in past years but still pop up online to purchase. 

One is the Aero Spin Skyrover Toy Helicopter. The company who manufactures the toy put out a voluntary recall in June due to the USB charger overheating and being known to cause fires. Models made past January 1st of 2016 are safe. But if you aren't checking it out, you could inadvertently pick a recalled product. 

A lot of the toys they identified also pose choking hazards. 

"Choking hazards remain a big problem with kids in terms of toy related injuries," said Dev Gowda with US PIRG. "Especially magnets. When two magnets are ingested they can combine together inside the body and cause serious internal injuries."

The US PIRG is also concerned about toys you may already have. Unlike cars, there is no recall notice sent to consumers  for toys.

They suggest subscribing for  email updates from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other U.S government safety agencies. is an easy place to find those. Doing these safety checks with current toys and toys you find online can be life saving.

You can check out the full report here

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