Cool July means fewer trips to the pool

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- This summer has been unseasonably cool, so what are families doing instead of going to the pool?

Local parents say it's just a little too cool for the pool or the splash pad - and they wouldn't mind seeing the heat come back.

"Well I'm not too happy with the weather but at least today is a little bit nicer although it's still kind of on the cool side, but we brought the kids out to the park today to Potawatomi Zoo so they can play in the water park," said grandmother Carla Miller. "Right now I would love the 80s maybe even the high 80s. I don't really like the humidity but I'll take it with the sunshine."


There haven't been any 90-degree days this July.


"We went to the splash pad probably every other week last summer. We haven't been there yet this summer," said parent Jenny Doms.

The South Bend Parks Department says they are only at about 25-percent attendance this season at all of the public pools.


"We have been inside probably more than normal this year," said Doms.


But that doesn't mean Doms is complaining.

"It's very comfortable, I actually love it," said Doms.


The pool at Potawatomi Park will be open through August 10.


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