Cool Schools: Dare2Dream

Marshall Intermediate Center in South Bend is a school that prides itself on caring for students.

But some students were acting out.

Naomi Adams, the school social worker, said, "A lot of the problems before were disrespect to authority, disrespect for teachers, a low academic, not wanting to do school work, very poor social skills, anger issues, and all of this is that comes along with at risk students."

The principal brought in reinforcements - a man named Kintae Lark. He's known in the community as a life coach, barber, and youth advocate.

"And he's been with us for about 10 weeks now and he's made a very positive impact on our males. He's  been working with them on social skills, how to interact appropriately with each other, not only with each other but with the staff as well. Also how to increase their self-esteem, how to work out their anger issues and just be able to resolve their issues in a peaceful manner."

Lark said the program, which incorporates simple communication as well as self-esteem building activities like a cool haircuts on the weeks that they make progress in the classroom, is all these boys need to start living a more happy and successful life.

He said, "I just believe in the right kind of conversation they can begin to turn around and is not about me coming of the savior is about me coming to be a listening ear, about me being able to come say 'Hey what's going on with you all?' Let me let me get on the island for moment so I can help bring up to another level."

Which one of the young men, Kaleb Sanders, in this program told me has made all the difference in his life.

"We have someone to talk to like most people don't even have their father and he's like a father to the people that don't have a father."

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