Cool Schools: Plymouth High School freshmen get creative with clay for cancer

High school students are sending a message of hope through art.

“They’re always excited this is a high stress project for freshman because they have to work together,” said Haley Church, Department Chair of the Art Department at PHS.

Students in Plymouth High School’s freshmen Bio and Art class were divided into groups and are preparing for their biggest fundraiser, “Clay for Cancer.”  

“On that night we have a silent auction and then people come in and bid on the pieces and it’s just been a cancer awareness night and also a way to raise money,” Church said.

The annual event raises money for the Cancer Association of Marshall County.

 “I made an elephant, they represent hope and I think that people going through difficult times like having cancer needs to remain hopeful,” said Mary Hildebrand, a PHS 9th grader.

“Bears, they symbolize strength leadership and that kind of thing so I thought it would just be fitting for the entire healing and cancer awareness,” said Grace Bougher, a PHS 9th grader.

The project taught them not just how to identify different types of cancers, but that anyone has the ability to make an impact.

“It’s fun to see them feel proud after the cancer night and they’re surprised at people who come and treat them kind of like mini adults,” Church said.

“We feel like it’s a really good experience for them to learn how to speak in front of the community,” Church said

The fundraiser will be held at Plymouth High School on Monday, March 6th from 5 to 7 P.M. 

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