Cool Schools: Plymouth High School TV production students are taking things virtual

Cool Schools: Plymouth High School TV production students are taking things virtual

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing schools to switch to E-learning, Plymouth High School’s TV-Production class is producing their student-run newscast in their homes!

At PTV at Plymouth High School—plymouth high school’s student run news show, you wont find the anchors sitting behind the desk, or any more on-on-one interviews.

But the show must go on from each students home now because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Could we do this digitally? Could we do a show virtually? Can we continue what we’ve been doing all year long? The verdict was yes, we could," said Radio-TV Teacher, Judi Lykowski.

Lykowski says each week, PTV student’s workload is split from pre-production, to production, to post production.

Each director, anchor, and reporter, submits their share of content to broadcast on PTV at PHS, or what they call PHS at HOME now every Friday.

"We like read from a teleprompter, now I have to read from my iPad," said student anchor, Denise Guillot.

“I’m still interviewing people, i’m still getting a hold of them. just for my first time ever, doing it virtually," said Junior Tyler Richey.

This new normal not only impacting PTV, but ABC 57’s own newscasts like ABC 57 morning anchor Vahid Sadrzadeh who broadcasts live from his basement!

A green screen inside ABC 57 First Warning Nieghborhood Meteorologist Maci Tetrick's living room.

ABC 57 reporters dealing with a whole new set up and reporting from home as well!

What’s it been like for you to see that we’re in the same situation too?

“I think it's actually really cool," said student, Caleb Deacon.

“It’s kind of funny in a way to see everyone in their own little square and do their show 100 percent," said Richey. 

The PTV crew tells ABC 57 the hands on experience they're getting right now is something you just might see the next time you turn on your TV.

 “If something else happens in the future, no matter the platform we use, I'll be ready said Richey.

"One that we do know is that we’re prepared. If anything this situation has given us more diversity. In order to be successful you have to roll with the punches and change," said Lykowski.

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