Cool Schools: Stanley Clark School keeps learning fun in the summer

Cool Schools: Stanley Clark School keeps learning fun in the summer

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It’s just one building.

But for six weeks of summer, it’s filled with dozens of 3-hour camps.

“We have art, we have science, we have languages, Spanish,” said Jess Loyd, summer camp director at Stanley Clark School. “Every kid is different and unique, and sometimes you want to say you know it would be good for them to have this this summer, and you can find it here.”

At Stanley Clark School, each week is different. Even with different morning and afternoon camps.

For preschoolers, summer camp means exploring the kids’ interests.

“So we really follow their interest and their lead and provide materials that can help that flourish and expand upon that,” said Randi Bowling, preschool teacher.

This year, Bowling says the kids have been focusing on nature.

“What we did today was we got to go on a nature walk. And we got to smell a tree’s leaves and they smelled like a green pepper. Yeah, I did not like that smell,” said Max, preschool student.

For the older kids, the subjects vary with teachers like musician Neil Carmichael who is excited to pass along his passion.

“We’re going to bring them all together as one group. And instead of choosing music that’s already been written, we’re going to compose our own music so everyone has a chance to be creative and have their own voice in the music that we put together throughout the week,” said Carmichael, musician and camp instructor. “I want them to be super excited about creating a band and then hopefully take those connections off into the future and continue working with these folks to create projects.”

But all of the camps have one thing in common: making learning fun.

“I love it because my kids are coming home and they’re like ‘are we going back tomorrow?’ And I’m like yes you’re going back tomorrow. They’re not leaving upset, they’re ready for camp every day,” said Loyd.

You can still sign up for these camps by clicking here.

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