Cool Stats: Temperatures dip next week.

You should enjoy the start of the weekend, because next week ( April 20th-24th) temperatures will take another dip, below normal. 

Temperatures go form the 70's Friday and Saturday to the 50's next week (Fig 1). Already with this pattern the term " Polar Vortex" has been thrown out there again. It's a wrongful misnomer for the weather pattern that brings above normal temperatures to the western U.S. and cooler temperatures to the east (Fig 2). 

So are we in for the deep chill? The answer, quite simply is, No! We will see below normal temperatures next week. Average highs for next week are in the low 60's and forecast highs are in the mid 50's, but they are far from the record coolest highs in the 40's and 30's (Fig 3).  

So before we jump off the deep end, know that ups and downs are typical to spring. It's the transition between spring and summer, next week looks to be a short transition back the pattern that plagued us in February. 

Enjoy the mild start to the weekend, get the latest First Warning Neighborhood Weather Forecast here.  

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