Washington High School partners with South Bend Cubs Foundation to push student success

NOW: Washington High School partners with South Bend Cubs Foundation to push student success

SOUTH BEND, Ind-- “If we have support and guidance, there’s not much we can’t do," said Washington High School Vice Principal, Trent Chambliss. 

Washington High School students stepped outside their traditional classroom and into the First Source Bank Performance center at Four Winds Field to get Ready for life outside of high school. 

The school is partnering with the South Bend Cubs Foundation.

“We’re trying to expose kids to more things that go with what they experience," said Chambliss. 

Speakers discussed everything from attire to law. 

“We want to make sure that we cover things that are out there in society. Things they can put in their tool box things to consider once they get into a situation. Once they’re involved in a situation and the decision is made whether good or bad the opportunity, you can’t always get back," said Chambliss. 

South Bend community leaders were there to help push students into the right direction.

“I know that I’m a lot like them, I didn’t do that well in high school. I talked to them not only about where I am now but how I got here and how they can do it too if they set their minds to it and put in hard work," said St. Joseph Circuit Court Magistrate, Andre Gammage.

One Washington High School student says that's exactly he plants to do. 

“You’ve got to get it straight from the source. Instead of going through the mistakes they went through, I could pre-plan and go through new levels they haven’t reached yet if I want to go down that path," said Washington High Senior, Cam'ron Turner.

"It’s important that all of us that have been in South Bend all of our lives, and went through the South Bend Community Schools reach out to the young people to talk about experiences, encourage them and do whatever we can to assist them along their way," said Gammage.

The program is available to all Washington High School students.

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