Cosmo Extended Stay Motel's last inspection included faulty fire alarms, locked doors

NOW: Cosmo Extended Stay Motel’s last inspection included faulty fire alarms, locked doors

SODUS TOWNSHIP, MI. -- It's been just 48 hours since the community of Sodus Township learned of the death of a mother and five of her children in a fire at the Cosmo Extended Stay Motel. 

The fire destroyed 90% of the building.

ABC57 News went inside to get a closer look at the damage.

Two days later, a child's shoe rests on the grass, just outside a shattered glass door.

The blackened stairs and hallways are just a hint of the damage from the fatal fire, which was put out just minutes after the local fire departments received a call. 

ABC57 News received the 29 page call log from the fire department, detailing a true timeline of Saturday's deadly events. 

The Sodus Township Volunteer Fire Department received a page from dispatch at 1:46 a.m.  They were en route to the motel at 1:56.

Given the gravity of the destruction and fire, described by dispatch, they requested back up from the Benton Township Fire Department at 1:58. 

Sodus Township Fire Department arrived at the motel at 2:03 a.m.

But now there's the question, could all of this been prevented?

ABC57 News got a hold of the very last inspection report, dated February 2016. 

The State of Michigan completed the inspection, as Sodus Township does not have a formal fire code.

The inspection details that the fire extinguishers were not certified or from a certified company. The fire alarm system was not working. Doors that were marked as exits were pad-locked shut at night. 

By May 2016, the state marked the motel as complaint. 

But there has not been any additional inspections since then.

While the investigation into the entire fire, and whether or not there were working fire alarms, continues to move forward, residents remain firm in their recollections.

"No, no they wasn't [working]," says Tamika Robertson, who ABC57 went with to gather her belongings. "I'm not gonna stay here and lie to you. No they wasn't."

ABC57 News did reach out to the owner of the motel several times. As of air time, there was no response.

ABC57 News also reached out to the State of Michigan Fire Marshall, Bureau of Fire Services, and other officials and supervisors.

As of air time, there was no response. 

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