Could Flint crisis happen in Indiana?

Days and weeks continue to pass and people in Flint, Michigan are still without safe and clean water to use. Many different volunteer groups have come together to help aid in the crisis.

The whole situation has left people in the Hoosier state wondering if this could happen in Indiana.

Some people equate the crisis in Flint to a third-world country, the fact that a crisis like that could actually happen in the United States.

There is new legislation in the works and some say it could threaten Indiana's environment.

It is called House Bill 1082 and is also referred to by some as "no more stringent than."

What that means is that environmental regulators would not be allowed to pass stricter laws than what is already in place by the federal government.

A member of the Hoosier Environmental Council believes this would keep Indiana from being proactive.

"What would it mean for the air quality and water quality of Hoosiers when you basically tie the hands of these regulators and have to wait for the next legislative session? That's not a good structure to deal with a crisis," said Executive Director Hoosier Environmental Council.
Jesse Kharbanda.

Those who support the legislation say it is necessary to protect businesses from government overreach. Those against it say this would keep Indiana's environmental agency from going above the EPA to protect the public's health if needed.

"We lead the country in the number of coal-ash lagoons; we have serious pollution coming from storm water and from agricultural runoff. So, it's not wise to be basically tying the hands of Indiana's environmental experts, who protect our environment in situations where the federal government has acted insufficiently," said Kharbanda.

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