Could we tie the record for consecutive days of snow cover?

SOUTH BEND, IN -  Not only have we surpassed the record of consecutive days below freezing (if you missed that story, you can check it out here), we have a new record that we are keeping a close eye on and that is the record for consecutive days of snow cover.

According to the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana, the record number of consecutive days of 1"+ of snow cover for the month of November for South Bend is nine set back in 1951.  Since November 13th, we've tallied an eight-day stretch of at least an inch of snow cover on the ground and it is very lucky that we will tie that record with November 22nd's observation.  

Now, if you're wondering what the record is for the number of consecutive days of snow cover for South Bend, we dug up that answer as well.  The year was 1963, where there was a 93 day period of snow cover that ended on March 12th.  The record makes last years number not so bad as we had a 78-day stretch (according to observations at the National Weather Service's office in Syracuse, IN). 

We still have a chance of snow in the 10-day forecast, so be sure to check out the forecast daily here.

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