Council proposing to buy Small Arms Training Simulator

Monday night, the City of Niles will hold a council meeting where they will consider the purchase of a training simulator for the police department

Although it looks like a video game, the training it provides the officers may end up being the difference between life and death.

One look at the video showing the technology the council is looking to buy and you may think the portable small arms training simulator would make a great Christmas gift.

But this state of the art system isn’t for sale, at least not to the public.

The council will consider spending nearly $17,000 to purchase the technology from Laser Shot of Stafford, TX.

It’s fully interactive, giving officers hundreds of life-like scenarios, from SWAT situations to hostage standoffs.

It’s all to help officers practice their target shooting, as well as make judgment calls on when to use non-lethal or deadly force.

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