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Councilwoman advocating for cultural competency measurement for police

NOW: Councilwoman advocating for cultural competency measurement for police

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—South Bend Common Council member Regina Williams-Preston was live in studio on Monday morning to advocate for the use of a cultural competency measurement tool within the police department by the end of the week.

The push comes after Sunday’s town hall meeting, hosted by Mayor Pete Buttigieg following the June 16 fatal shooting of Eric Logan by South Bend Police Sgt. Ryan O’Neill.

“We really do need to hear more voices in the community. We need to figure out a way to connect with people on a larger scale so that we can get those feelings and input for the purpose of decision-making,” Williams-Preston said.

Restorative justice practices, a citizen’s review board, and a cultural competency measurement tool were all mentioned by Williams-Preston as ways the city can work with the community.

Williams-Preston plans to propose a resolution at Monday night’s Common Council meeting that she hopes will broaden the discussion and provide a forum for conversation around cultural competency. She is actively advocating for the use of the Intercultural Development Inventory, a measurement tool for cultural competency, in the police force by the end of the week.

“The work is proven to provide a baseline measure so we get a baseline measure so we get a sense of how people fall around the scale of cultural competency. It’s actually a measure and an opportunity to better understand where we are so we can help guide training to help produce results,” Williams-Preston said. “We all have work to do; no matter what race, what color, so this is something we can do that is research based and tangible.”

Williams-Preston represents South Bend’s 2nd district on the Common Council.

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SteveWestlake 150 days ago
I am just wondering what cultural competency measurements would have accomplished in this police action shooting. I know one thing! It might have affected the officers split second decision making ability! Certainly it would have helped Ms Williams Preston actions. But in Ms Williams Preston case it would not have threatened her life. So an officer is dispatched to a call about a person breaking into vehicles. By the time line he was very close to the area. That's one reason for no warning lights activated. The second reason would be the lights would warn the thief and the thief would escape. So the officer sees legs hanging out of a vehicle. He asks the person if that is his vehicle. The thief is said to have had a large knife. The man is ordered to drop the knife. He rushes the officer. The officer fires 2 shots. There is this rule of thumb when it comes to a knife. If a person is within a 21 foot distance, that person can close that distance in 1.5 seconds. And guess what police vests are not knife proof. The knife was stolen from another car. The thief also had a purse stolen from a third car. The transport to the hospital was a decision made to get the wounded man to medical care faster. Had the officers waited for a medic, it would have been many minutes until on scene!

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