Countdown to Game Day- Insight in History Museum

We’re still days away from Notre Dame’s first home football game of the 2016 season.

In the meantime, an exhibit in South Bend might have what you need if you just cant wait that long to be indulged in Notre Dame Football.

If you’ve driven past Notre Dame’s campus in recent months, you’ve perhaps seen a lot of changes to Notre Dame’s football stadium, slowly coming into fruition.

It’s whats happened before those changes that the History Museum in South Bend wants people to se -and remember.

On the back wall of the Notre Dame Football Stadium exhibit at the History Museum in South Bend, a few futuristic images stand out.

In 2017, those images will come to life as part of the Campus Crossroads Project.

But for all those who came to see the exhibit on Wednesday, a glimpse into the future was only half the reason they came to the History Museum.

Surrounding that back wall is the history of Notre Dame football’s stadium and its one the museum wants you to never forget.

“That’s what were here for, we can help people understand what happened in the past, and just as photographs taken of South Bend, Mishawaka, or any area in our community, 50 years ago is important as a way for us to interpret the history of what was happening so to we can do that hopefully 50 years from now when we talk about Notre Dame and the changes to the stadium and the Campus Crossroads Project,” said Marilyn Thompson, Director Marketing for The History Museum.

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