Counterprotest at Saint Mary's in response to campus speaker

NOW: Counterprotest at Saint Mary’s in response to campus speaker

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Wednesday night, Saint Mary's College hosted a lecture titled, “Structural Change for Reproductive Justice: Insights from Catholic Feminism”. The speaker was Associate Professor Emily Reimer-Barry from the University of San Diego.

A counterprotest happened in response to that speaker.

Some students here say inviting speakers like this contradicts Saint Mary's Catholic values.

Lisa Knox, the PR director for Saint Mary's College says that's it's not unusual for Catholic colleges, Saint Mary's included, to have academic lectures that invite students to consider complex social issues through a Catholic moral lens.

Karen Nemes, the acting director of Pro-Choice South Bend thinks it's important for college students to learn about topics from every angle.

"Reproductive justice is something that affects everyone, it has to do with when and whether to start a family, what the circumstances are, what's best for you, and your family's situation," said Nemes.

There's another talk coming up about the LGBTQ community in relation to the Catholic ministry next month at Saint Mary's.

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