Counting down to "Best Week Ever"


In just a few hours, South Bend will kick off its first ever week-long event dedicated to showing off the city’s best stuff.

South Bend’s Memorial Day Parade will be “Best Week’s Ever,” first event.

Sunday, ABC 57 News talked with the parade’s marshal, Jane Kowalski.

She says the parade is the perfect way to kick off a week-long event that this city has been anticipating for a while.

“I think it’s a really good idea they did come up with a good solution for us having us kick it off, were getting close to our 100th year having sunburst coming up on sunday multiple events throughout the day for the next seven days and for us to kick it off, we couldn’t turn it down, totally looking forward to it,” said Kowalski.

Monday, South Bend will continue a tradition, 94 years strong.

The Memorial Day parade, which has begun at Ford and Lombardi for the last 10 years, will showcase local high school bands, a fly-over, American Legions, and AMVETS.

Happening later in the week, on Tuesday, is a “Best Lunch Ever.”

The South Bend Museum of Art is partnering with Music Village, and CJ’s Pub is offering free burgers to the first 150 people.

For a complete list of events, click here.

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