County prosecutor candidates respond to city violence

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- On Dyngus Day politicians were out in full force. With only 2 weeks until the primary, one thing was at the top of everyone's minds, violence.

"I can see the effect it's had on our community," said Democratic candidate Ken Cotter.

He knows it's at the forefront of voter's minds, and more violence means more criminals to prosecute.

"What we've had happen these last 30 days can't continue to happen," said Cotter.

Republican candidate Jeff Sanford agreed.

"I think we need to have an organization similar to metro homicide that just deals with gangs," said Sanford.  

Both have their own approach, but are working towards the same goal, to end the violence on our streets and put those behind it in jail.  

Both candidates say they plan to make that a priority throughout the rest of their campaign, and if they are elected.

"If someone has committed a violation, and if they can change, I want to help rehabilitate them to help make them productive members of our community," said Cotter.

"I would get training and work hand in hand with the police department to get police and the prosecutor on the same page when charging a case," says Sanford.  

Both candidates are running unopposed. Primary elections are May 6.

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