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County says unsafe sleeping leads to increase in unexplained infant deaths

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Concerns among the St. Joseph County Child Fatality Review Team have grown over 2017’s five sudden unexplained infant deaths. Now, the team believes unsafe sleeping habits are to blame.

According to the CFRT, most of the deaths occurred when the infant was sleeping in an adult bed with a parent or sibling.

They say new parents should practice safe sleeping habits to reduce the risk of a sudden, unexplained death.

There are a few tips provided by the CFRT to keep your baby safe as it sleeps.

  • Infants should sleep on their back on a firm mattress designed for infants.
  • Soft toys, bumper pads, or large blankets should not be in the crib or sleeping space.
  • The child should not sleep in an adult bed alone or with another person in the bed.
  • Put the infant’s crib or designated safe sleep space in the parent's room as this is safe, and often beneficial to both infant and new parents.

The team encourages new parents to use these tips until the child’s first birthday.

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