Couple unhappy with RV purchase

ELKHART, Ind. -- A Wisconsin couple bought an RV in Elkhart only to find that it had been recalled. They couldn't get the company to give them a refund, so they came to ABC57 for help.

"You always have to be honest. And people can either walk away or go in," said Robert Fischer.

One month ago, Rob and Jennifer Fischer purchased a $23,000 Keystone Vantage RV.

Fischer says he and Jennifer fell in love with its modern interior and drove 200 miles from Milwaukee to find it.

Shortly afterward, they noticed problems.

"Well it was just a week and a half in when we found out about the whole situation online," said Fischer.

There was a recall, an important detail Fischer says he was not notified of before he bought the RV.

A month later they noticed leaking from the roof and discovered two rubber patch jobs on the roof.

"Since then they want nothing to do with, and are in total denial, and don't think they've done anything wrong," said Fischer.

Fischer sent several emails to Tiara RV and detailed his frustration with the purchase and pleaded for a refund.

His request was denied.

So Fischer went to ABC57.

"He promised me it was a new vehicle. No defects. No damages. No scratches," said Fischer.

We went to speak to the sales person the Fischers said sold them the RV.

He asked us to turn off the camera.

To resolve their issues with Tiara RV, the Fischers agreed not to talk to us about the details of the transaction. 

But we do know that they say they are satisfied with the resolution.

How can you make sure this doesn't happen to you?

Do your homework. Demand a full inspection of your vehicle and do not sign anything until then.

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