Caught in the Chaos: couple shares account of deadly shooting

Caught in the Chaos: couple shares account of deadly shooting


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - A couple was caught in the chaos Wednesday as they witnessed the deadly medical complex shooting. They’re sharing what they saw exclusively with ABC 57.

“I stood and said a prayer for the doctor, and when I opened my eyes, I looked up, and I seen the blood running from his head, and it really bothered me,” said Evelyn Perez, who witnessed the shooting from her van.

Back in their home, it’s a sight that still bothers Evelyn Perez, and her husband, David, just over 24 hours since they witnessed Dr. Todd Graham being gunned down outside of St. Joseph Rehabilitation Institute.

“Well I was out there for an appointment that they had fit me in for…We were a little early, so we pulled in and was going to sit and talk for a minute, when a car went by us real fast,” said Evelyn.

It was a red Dodge Neon.

“He got out of the car. I seen him walk up to the SUV, and I seen him bring his hand up, and put his left hand under the right and shot the gentleman twice,” said David.

The couple watched, horrified, from the front seat of their blue van.

They say they were probably about 50 feet away from where the shooter, who turned out to be Michael Jarvis, parked his car.

“He did at one point, just before he got in the car, glance at us and then looked down, so my fear was that he was coming over here to shoot us, but he didn’t. He was in too hurry to get away,” said Evelyn.

As soon as the suspect fled, the Perezes hurried to check on the victim.

“We moved the van up closer, and I got out of the van, called 911, and I was like maybe got up about 20 feet away from the body to see if I could see him breathing,” said David.

The police questioned and released them, leaving them to go home and replay the tragedy they had just witnessed over and over again in their heads.

“Something I’ll never forget, and I hope to never see again,” said David.

To cope, they’re just reflecting on what’s important, paging through family photos and leaving life and death to a higher power.

“I think if you believe in God, and I believe in God, he’ll handle everything,” said Evelyn.

They say their prayers go out to both families.

Funeral arrangements for Dr. Graham have not yet been released.

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