Crews prepare for melting ice with rescue training

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- Over the next few weeks, the hard packed ice will melt across Michiana.  And all it takes is one wrong move, one small second, and you will need rescue crews to jump in freezing cold water and save your life.  

Michigan City's Coast Guard says that hasn't happened so far this season, at least not on their watch, but they held rescue training to get everyone ready for the rough weeks ahead.  

The coast guard says as the ice softens and begins to melt, more people are more likely to fall into the water.  

"Temperatures will warm up and that's the time people will start venturing out on ice without realizing it's decaying," says Josh Janney, Chief Petty Officer with the Coast Guard.  

Three fire crews joined Michigan City's Coast Guard to share proper techniques and rescue procedures.  

Their view, no ice is safe ice, but with the proper knowledge, training, and tools, these crews say falling through the ice doesn't have to turn deadly.  

"We keep adding to our experience and every year we make some improvements," says Janney.  


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