Crossing guard endures heat, keeps people safe

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Landscapers, construction workers and even crossing guards have to work outside, regardless of how hot it is. One local crossing guard says the hotter it gets, the more she has to be on her toes.

With the mercury hovering around 90 and the muggy air feeling more like 100-degrees, a lot of people were looking to cool off in Mishawaka Wednesday.

Kim McCain has been a school crossing guard for 24 years. This summer she is making sure people can cross Mishawaka Avenue to get to and from the pool at Merrifield Park.

"I've based my whole adult career on getting kids safely across the street,” said McCain.

In the hot muggy weather, it’s no easy task.

"Last night I was asleep by 8:15. The heat makes you very, very tired. You wouldn't think so because it's not physically strenuous what I do, but the heat really takes a toll. It just drains you. It makes me very tired; I'm not getting any younger you know,” said McCain.

McCain is paid to stop traffic on Mishawaka Avenue for pedestrians from noon to 4:00 pm.

Those she helps are grateful.

"There's been many times when I've driven by on the way home and I almost say a little prayer for her, because; there are days when it's just so miserably hot, like these days that we've had this week,” said Trish Becker.

"For her to sit out there in this heat, for that many hours, that's very impressive, and very important,” said Debbie Stamm, Co-Director Mishawaka Parks Department.

But even though it is sweltering outside, ice packs and water help McCain take the heat in stride and she doesn't sweat it.

If you don't mind walking a little longer, you can avoid crossing the road completely. Just take the tunnel under the bridge along the Riverwalk.

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