Cubs flags selling out fast

With the Cubs winning the World Series, families here in Michiana are sharing that joy with loved ones who passed away.

Flags International in Osceola is full of all sorts of flags, but today they were nearly sold out of the one that says ‘Fly the W.’

However, it's the Cubs garden flag that is the best seller Thursday.

The flags are often placed on graves as a way of letting those know who passed, "Hey! We did it!”

"They’re not here after 108 years, not seeing them win the World Series. People have gone through lifetimes without seeing it and they want to share that, that tradition, share that joy of their team finally winning a World Series, and for them to not be here, people miss them and they want to make sure they know. And I’m sure they do know that ‘Hey, they won,’ and we’re all elated for the team, for Chicago, and for everybody,” says David Aker, vice president of Flags International.

If you're looking for a Cubs World Series Championship flag, those will be available within a week.

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