Customer complains about restaurant price raise amid supply chain issues

NOW: Customer complains about restaurant price raise amid supply chain issues

GOSHEN, Ind. --- If an appetizer costs too much, you could choose not to buy it.

But one customer at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi in Goshen – instead chose to complain about it.

Writing this note on their receipt after paying $11 for a sampler plate.

The owners said the had to raise prices about 30 percent to keep up with inflation.

“I understand the people okay, why they have this kind of emotion you know because a lot of people now they have like money issue, income issue. We try as good as we can you know we not try to make people feel like upset when they eat our food," said Chee-houng Choong, Owner.

Choong and his wife have run the business for five years. They’re known for making customers feel like family.

Wanting to be transparent about their rising costs they shared the receipt on Facebook — which upset loyal customers like Sophie Long.

“Their menu clearly states the prices and I don’t think that’s something, a comment like that would not be made at say B-Dubs or at an Applebees where you’re getting an appetizer for about the same price, but you’re talking about a family owned restaurant where they’re giving you unique food," said Long.

The cost of the appetizer at Wasabi is about the same as its neighbors – which tend to charge around $12 for an app.

Choong says he never intended to upset his customers by raising menu prices, but it’s becoming more difficult for his family to stay afloat against larger restaurant chains in the area.

“I know that they eat more of the costs. I know that they have to struggle to pay the lease that has increased or the utilities that have gone up or the price of fry oil or their products and they don’t get a lot of the help. They’re not part of a big franchise," said Long.

Despite difficulties finding supply, hiring staff, and struggling with inflation -- Choong is grateful his customers still support him.

“We try to make everybody happy. We don’t make people upset okay because we welcome them to come in. We like to serve friends and family," said Choong.

Choong says he doesn’t know if he’ll have to increase prices again, but he’s doing everything he can to avoid that.

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