Customer drives through brick wall at Discount Tire

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- When you take your car into the shop, it usually comes out in better shape. But one couple's trip to Discount Tire in Mishawaka didn't end very well for the car - or the building.

Most of the time, the driver just needs to pull into the bay, get the tires onto the lift and hop out of the car. Then workers can lift the car and get to work.

That's not how it happened Monday.

The 90-year-old driver tried to pull his Buick Lacrosse onto the lift, but didn't give it enough gas.

On the second try, he gave it too much gas and drove through a brick wall and into the shop.

No one in the building was hurt, but the driver's 89-year-old passenger was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She complained of a collar bone injury.

The driver wasn't hurt.

Instead of getting work done, the car is now at Bill's City Wide Towing. It needs a new front end.

Workers said this was the first time something like this has happened and they're glad no one got hurt.

Discount Tires refused to comment on why the elderly couple remained in the car instead of just having a service technician drive the car onto the lift.

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