Customers say Gurley Leep taking no responsibility for stolen cars in service lot

NOW: Customers say Gurley Leep taking no responsibility for stolen cars in service lot

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Two customers have had their cars stolen while being serviced at Gurley Leep Audi in Mishawaka in just a little more than two months. Now, the victims are claiming the dealership has inadequate security and the company is doing little to help them.

“They never even really said the car was gone. They just said, ‘We can’t find it.’” Bill Rheinhardt, said.

Rheinhardt and his wife Cindy say they dropped their Audi Q5 off for service on Thursday of last week. When they went to pick it up on Saturday, the SUV was not on the lot.

“They (service employees) had no recollection of where the keys were, any paperwork. They had no idea.” Bill Rheinhardt said.

The car was done being serviced. So, for convenience, Gurley Leep left the keys inside of the car so the Rheinhardts could just drive up and drive away, according to the Rheinhardts. But, when they couldn’t find it, they went inside. After learning the car had been stolen, the couple asked to see security camera footage. An employee told them, there are no cameras in the back lot.

“There’s nothing.” Bill Rheinhardt said.

That lack of security, specifically no cameras, is the same thing another car theft victim described to ABC57 News. That victim did not want to be identified. He had his vehicle stolen from the same lot in late October. The car was later found abandoned in South Bend.

ABC57 asked the service department about the incidents and the issues described by the customers. We were told we needed to contact the owners, but no contact information was provided. An employee told ABC57 that ownership is currently out of the state.

We also went to the corporate office and spoke to the Vice President of Operations and another corporate official, both said they were not going to comment.

The Rheinhardts said they were given a loaner after demanding a vehicle. Other than they, they have received no help from Gurley Leep.

“Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. I even asked for the general manager to come out early on in the conversation. He would not come out. He sent a message back with the associate that went to talk to him. I said I’m not having it, I want to speak to the general manager. He reluctantly came out and said do what you need to do. We have no responsibility here.” Bill Rheinhardt said.

Bill Rheinhardt also says he was charged about $800 for the service that was done to their vehicle. He is working to get a refund. He and his wife are also going through their own insurance for the stolen vehicle claim.

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