DACA recipients are dealing with new issues: social media hate mail

NOW: DACA recipients are dealing with new issues: social media hate mail


GOSHEN, Ind.- Michiana DACA recipients are dealing with a new set of problems after the program was essentially dismantled Tuesday by the Trump Administration.

The program helped those living in America who were brought here illegally as children.

A professor who wished to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of this issue says a Michiana college student has been harassed on social media after she declared herself a DACA recipient

He says those types of messages bring him nothing but worry.

“They are immediately a recipient of threats and harassment from individuals who have xenophobic impulses. ‘We got families [expletive] starving out here because all your [expletive] DACA alien [expletive]. You just want your free [expletive]. You should all kill yourselves’” reads the professor.

This professor shared he knows of a hateful conversation directed to a DACA recipient in Michiana. “I lose sleep over this because I can’t actually fathom how an individual could, without knowing the person, make threats.”

He adds this is all over social media not just with this particular student.

“It gives me chills to even have to articulate this,” he says. “They’re terrified, she doesn’t know if she can go outside of her dorm.”
Wednesday morning several people flooded the street outside of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s office showing their support for DACA.

“I feel happy that a lot of people came out and young people are aware of the issues that we’re facing and that we’re all here supporting each other,” says Rebekah Amaya, a DACA supporter.

One DACA recipient says she was hurt when she found out the news, but knows she’s not alone.

“I am one of the 800 thousand that are affected by this and I think it’s important to show that you’re not alone and there’s people around you that are going through the same things as you,” says Cynthia Marin a DREAMer.

Attorney Felipe Merino says if DACA is not fully supported the retail banking industry is going to hit a wall.

“It’s one that has truly benefitted from being able to train these young people who are bilingual and capable of reaching out to new markets and take in savings accounts and deposits of individuals that are no English speakers,” says Merino.

Merino says some believe that, then President Barack Obama, did something unconstitutional but adds that’s not necessarily true.

“President Eisenhower issued deferred action; President Regan issued deferred action,” says Merino. “Deferred action is the power that’s been granted by congress to the president to take certain groups of people based on humanitarian reasons and give them temporary status.”

As it relates to the hate mail, Notre Dame tells ABC57 the institution has not received any notification of such harassment. St. Mary's College released a statement, straight from President Cervelli. 

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