Damage from high winds leave one Elkhart neighborhood without power

?ELKHART, Ind. -- Firefighters were called to South Shore Drive and Union Street in Elkhart Friday night just before 9 p.m. after high winds caused a tree to come crashing down on nearby power lines.

Firefighters says several homes are without power after a tree that sat at the edge of the river back came crashing down on a nearby power poll, bringing down several power lines.

The massive tree was said to be roughly five feet in diameter. Firefighters say the weight of the tree made another power poll fall over, causing it to dangle at a 45 degree angle above the street.

Neighbors, who were home at the time, say they came outside when their power suddenly went out. Once outside, they saw several live wires buzzing on the ground and called 911.

Neighbors say the live wires, which glowed a bright orange color, were cracking and popping loudly on the ground.

AEP as called to the neighborhood and shut off the power while its crews worked to replace the damage power lines.

Firefighters and the street department have set up barricades to block off the entire block until crews can safely remove the tree, repair the damage and restore power to the homes.

No one was injured in the incident.

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