Dangerous South Bend intersection investigation

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Neighbors in a South Bend neighborhood are speaking about the intersection of Lincolnway West and Diamond Avenue that they view as dangerous.  

“Cars come through here like it’s the Indy 500,” Neighbor Deirdre Janssen said.  

ABC57 obtained documents that shows there have been 13 known accidents at the intersection in the past three years, including one in June. 

Neighbor Christopher Davis witnessed one an accident at the Lincolnway West and Diamond Avenue intersection recently. 

“A Chevy Impala is the one that hit and ran that came off that road right there next to the church and he swerved into the traffic which he went under the truck that was originally here which sent the truck into the other vehicle that was coming towards him which made them have a head-on collision,” Davis said. 

Neighbors said the stop sign at the intersection is simply not enough and they would like a stop light installed. 

ABC57 reached out to the South Bend Engineering Department that said concerned residents would have to file a complaint which would be reviewed along with accident reports and the street’s design to determine if a stop light is necessary.  

“I used to live about five blocks to the east and it usually wasn’t too bad over there but here this is a don’t let your kids play in the front let your kids play in the back kind of street,” Janssen said. 

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