Darryl Buchanan: Motown artist brings Stadium Sold-Out to Notre Dame

Darryl Buchanan: Motown artist brings Stadium Sold-Out to Notre Dame

Throughout history, Notre Dame has had some incredible music from the victory march to Here Come the Irish. Now a local Motown musician is hoping his new song will become the next big thing.

You may have heard of the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha-Cha Slide, but how about Stadium Sold-Out?

South Bend native Darryl Buchanan had a dream career playing bass for Motown legend Junior Walker.

Walker was also connected to Michiana, he attended South Bend Central High School.

A chance meeting when Buchanan was just a teenager changed his life.

"He said, 'How'd you like to play for me? I'll pay you.' And it was just like that. I told my mom, I said 'Guess what. I'm going to play with Junior Walker.' I didn't know he was a world wide name but I knew he was famous, I'm 19 and I'm playing on Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy," Buchanan said.

From 30 Rock to the White House - Buchanan, Walker and the all-stars played Bill Clinton's inaugural ball.

"Junior Walker and Bill Clinton were both from Arkansas, Clinton played the saxophone," Buchanan said. "I just remember, I had never seen so many champagne bottles in my whole life."

While Buchanan has traveled the world for nearly 4 decades, his heart has always been in South Bend.

Between tours, you can find him in the studio where he has combined his two loves.

"I've just always loved Notre Dame football and hopefully I can add something to the mystique," Buchanan said.

When he wrote his first song to honor the Irish, the song was embraced by then Head Coach Tyron Willingham. Buchanan performed the song at a pep rally.

Now Buchanan is back at it again for a new era of Notre Dame football.

"My whole thing behind the song, I'm in the clubs a lot and every time that 'Cupid Shuffle' comes up, it doesn't matter what age, people are up dancing. So I was trying to picture the stadium, they don't really have room to move side-to-side but they can move their hands. So, I put some lyrics 'Right hand, side to side. Left hand side to side. Both up, Fighting Irish.' It's kind of catchy. And everyone can do it, even kids, adults. It's never been done before so I thought I'd give it a try," Buchanan said.

He hopes his song will get a stadium full of Irish fans up on their feet.

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