Dash cam shows officer running over suspect

NOW: Dash cam shows officer running over suspect

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Dash cam video released today shows a former Benton Harbor Public Safety officer hitting a suspect with his department SUV. PSO Steve Johnson was fired because of the incident and is now facing a charge of Assault With a Dangerous Weapon.

The incident happened early in the morning on May 10th. Officers were responding to a report of a stolen lawnmower. They attempted to question 25-year-old Ron Glover Jr. about the theft and were trying to detain him because he was riding a bicycle without a headlight. Glover took off on the bicycle, eventually ditched it and was hit from behind while running away from Johnson's squad car.

The in-car video was shown in court today during a preliminary exam. A judge also heard testimony from Johnson's supervising officer and Glover. Glover, who was in jail scrubs and handcuffs, is currently serving a year sentence in jail. He was found guilty of multiple crimes stemming from the incident. He had marijuana on him and was a parole absconder. 

"I was in excruciating pain. I was screaming and yelling." Glover said.

In the video, you can see Glover quickly jump up and continue running. He is apprehended shortly after.

"Watching that video, it's hard to imagine that's an accident with no intent." Maurice McAfee, Glover's family pastor said after the court hearing.

Johnson's attorney, Marc Curtis, said the video doesn't show intent. 

"The video doesn't show what the officer is perceiving or doing at that point in time. (It's) One focal point, one vision. It doesn't show everything that takes place." Curtis said.

Prosecuting Attorney, Mike Sepic, asked the judge to also find probable cause for Assault with Great Bodily Harm. The judge did not find probable cause for the higher charge. However, the judge did find sufficient probable cause to go forward with the Assault With a Dangerous Weapon charge. 

The trial is scheduled to begin in October. 

Curtis told reporters there have been no discussions about a potential plea deal.

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