Day of Man: Freezing for a Cause

Day of Man: Freezing for a Cause

NOTRE DAME, Ind., Continuing the tradition, while freezing for a cause.

Members of Notre Dame’s dorm, Siegfried Hall, spent Wednesday in shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops.  It wasn’t to cool off. The high temperature only reaching 22 degrees. The men did it to raise awareness for homelessness in Michiana.

The Day of Man started 12 years ago after a student in the dorm woke up late for class. He forgot his coat and it got him thinking about the many of people who felt that every day and need help.

The student got some of the guys from his dorm to start collecting money for the homeless shelter in South Bend and turned it into the dorms’ charity event of the year.

During the last 12 years, Siegfried Hall has raised about $100,000 for the Center for the Homeless. In 2017 the group raised $10,000.

Students like Senior Michael Semanek think this is a very important cause of the area.

“The money that goes to the homeless shelter does so many things for the people in need, helping them get their GEDs and really just setting them up to be more successful in their future it really goes a long way the money that we raise here,” said Semanek.

The students walked through campus collecting money during the day. They also have an online donation site here. Or you can donate on Venmo, @Dayofman2018

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